Sunday, November 9, 2014

Toy Fish

While back (way back,) I saw this fish at
Stunning Keisha's fun post here. I was
fascinated and got one for Goro & Niko.

Come on, kids.
Mom got a fish for you.

Goro, don't fall.
(Though, it might make funny video if he does...)

Nothing, nothing.
(That was an evil thought!)

I love this fish. Entertaining for kids! Much
more fun than the dancing fish I got earlier.

* Switch on *

It was COMPLETELY ignored.


Here is Niko with his big fish :-)

We fish...wish you all a happy new week!


  1. I wish we had a bathtub so I could go fishing!

  2. This was a WHALE of a post!!! hee hee...

    Sweet Pea thinks she'd love a bathtub fishie...WAY better than the Q-tips she gets now.

  3. hahahahahahahahaha
    Love this one. Kitties peeking around the corner and fishing.
    Most of all I adore the song with the yawn at the end. Everyone is a critic !

    Such gud kitties.
    cheers, parsnip

  4. This doesn't surprise me. I got these jars, one had a butterfly in it and one had a lightening bug in it, and it lit up. Anyway, you turn them on ad the bug and butterfly fly around and bang against the jar. I thought the cats would go wild over it!! They did not cars a BIT! Why do you think?

  5. Ha...Ha.. guys don't fall for it !
    I guess it was obviously FISHY !
    Good tried :)

  6. Funny fish... but must smil like the cats keeping sleepy to wait the pictures are taking..

  7. What fun, you boys are very lucky. Don't fall in the bath. :)

  8. what a fun cool toy! we would definitely try to eat it though

    retro rover

  9. Cara que legal, vocês tem um peixe nadando em sua banheira isso é muito divertido.
    Boa pescaria, amigos!

  10. Come on boys, you have to get the catch of the day!

  11. That bathtub fish looks pretty interesting! Not sure about the dancing one, though. And thanks, because now the human is going to have that ABBA song running through her head all day. Ugh!

  12. I expect Niko prefers the stuffed one he can strangle from time to time.

  13. dood !!! thiz fish posts ROCKS...we dunno which we like better, fish in tub, ore fish on floor.......

    we think we will go with fish seered on open flame N served with side oh greenz !!!

    happee week a head...N yea, we total lee knead fish in tub !!


  14. Be careful not to fall in the bathtub while catching that fish :)

  15. That fish looks like a lot of fun. We gotta get one of those. :)

  16. Dearest Tamago,
    LOVE that picture where they look around the corner of the door... and looking and reaching at the fish in the tub.
    So funny and yes, sometimes you buy them a super-toy, you think, but absolute no interest! We have had that several times.
    Today our youngest turned 5; how time is going fast. The eldest is 10-½...
    Let's hope we all can stay together for a long time to come and the same for your kids.
    Love those faces, they are so cute!
    Hugs to you,

  17. Niko and Goro are just the cutest! Love the swimming fishy in the tub; wonder where I can get one of those?

  18. Hello Goro and Niko, We love it!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  19. What a fun post, I guess that dancing fish must just not cut the mustard compared to the swimming, that is so cool, we need to get one of theese ones! Love the pics of you boys, have a wonderful week!

  20. Whoa! Thanks for the shout out. TW only gets the fish out once in a while and I’ll watch it swim. After that I get bored. I’ve never seen the dancing fish.

  21. oooooh we're not sure which we'd like more, the BIG plushy one or the one swimming in the water!!!

    Mommy liked the tune - we totally didn't get it though....

  22. LOL! Isn't it amazing what we will do to entertain our furry four-legged babies? Haha!
    Glad no one fell into the bathtub. ;)
    xo Catherine

  23. We saw that fish over at CK's blog a while back too and have been curious ever since. Glad you all are enjoying it. It looks like fun! Perhaps we will have to convince the Mom to get us one too...

  24. P.S. We were wondering if there is a way to subscribe to your blog through email? We are always late commenting on your posts because Mom relies on email notifications to tell her when new posts go up on our furiends blogs. She has a terrible memory and doesn't remember to come check every day. If not, that's totally fine, we were just wondering! :)

  25. What a great toy - we haven't seen these fish before, we might have to try find one... our kitties would love this!

  26. That fish looks like lots of fun! We are glad Goro did not fall in the water, too. :)

  27. Oh that is too cute, I need to find something to keep his royal highness entertained in between


  28. You two boys just make my mom smile all the way around her head!!! And WOW! Niko san, where did you find that big fishy???


  29. They are so cute playing around with the little fishy.

  30. Do you both having the looking with fishy happy new times!

  31. ✿✿ミ
    ۵ Olá, amiga!

    ✿ Goro e Niko são muito inteligentes.
    Gatos não gostam de água! Em cima da mesa os dois estão tão fofinhos!!!
    Ótimas fotos.

    ╭✿╯Boa semana!
    ╰✿╮Beijinhos do Brasil.

  32. That fish in the bathtub looks like lots of fun. Sweet Niko that is a really big fish you have there. I have never fished, but I would like to and catch a big one like yours. Hugs and nose kisses. Pooh

  33. What a fun post !
    Niko and Goro are so cute ... and it would have made funny video if Goro had fallen ... :-) oh, that sweetie !
    Have a nice Sunday,

  34. OMG a private fish for you...and it swims!

  35. the 'completely ignored' is too funny!

  36. Wow that really looks like fun! Did you catch it?

  37. I have real fish, who think I am their guardian. I would not dare touch them.

  38. Great post and fun to read. So cute the little fish, so real too, nearly think its a real one in the sink. I had one for 5 years? Gone to heaven not ling ago, I am please I can keep him that long. And love that big soft one too! Great pics, Tamago!