Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or Treat

Hello, everyone! Did you have fun Halloween?

We didn't do anything special, but I wanted
to take some Halloween pictures with kids.

That is Halloween cat, Goro.
Pose and say cheese!

Um, you covered the Halloween cat.


Photo shoot failed.

Instead, we had Trim-and-Treat.

There is always treat after nails are done :-)

Goro & Niko played Trick-or-Tussle.

Of course, tussle!

Tummy-is-Treat for me :-)

Here is scary Halloween photo:
Creepy hand, thirst for kitty tummy

But now, good-by to October.
We wish you all happy November!




  1. Goro's eyes while undergoing nail trimming speak volumes!

  2. Treats, trimming, tussling, tummies ... there were sure lots of October Ts at your house. :)

    Happy November, dear friends!

  3. We don't know which is more terrifying--the hand or the nail trim!

  4. hahahaha, love the eyes and face on the nail trimming photo. So funny. He looks so fat and big in that photo. Like a kangaroo getting ready to kick.
    Did the creepy hand get to pet the tummy ?

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I love this series of photos!!! :)

  6. I think I would be scared if a disembodied hand started petting my tummy!

  7. The next to last picture is my favorite, he is so pretty with the grass in the background. I am amazed how good he is getting his nails clipped!!!

  8. Oh Goro, we love that tummy pic of you waiting to get your nails done, what a great tummy you wonder "the hand" is going for the tummy! Happy November to you, dear friends!

  9. Happy November to you too, Tamago-san♪
    I smiled with Trim-and-Treat;wow, huge nail-scissors:-)  Playing 'Trick-or-Tussle' seems fun for both of your boys♡♡♡
    The disembodied hand (thanks to your friend,haha) looks SO scary, but it might be just telling it's the last day of Oct. p:-)
    How relieving to see the last sweet picture that Niko-chan got the treat♡♡♡

    今日はとても変わりやすい天気で、晴れたかと思ったら小雨です、主人は ”女心と何とか”と言いながら外出しました(*^_^*)

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  10. Dearest Tamago,
    Such cute photos!
    Had to leave a comment in the night (past 2:00 AM) since my daytime broadband is all used till the 4th!
    Sending you all hugs on this cold, freezing for the 2nd night, November night. My down duvet bed is calling me back and it feels so good to have the French cotton terry cover on again...

  11. Trim-and-Treat...Goodness for Halloween ?
    That's Spooky !
    No way I want to do that...R uh quick and Hide *

  12. happy belated Halloween
    retro rover

  13. I do like that claw clippy thing and you did darn good pal!

  14. You sweet boys are just so handsome. We didn't do anything special for Halloween either. Goro you just amaze us how good you are when your nails are clipped. Pooh will not be still for it at all. Loved the Trick or Tussel pics and oh, that tummy sweet! Happy November to you all too. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. That tummy pic of you waiting for your nails to be trimmed is just so, so adorable! Like we'd ever be that compliant for a nail trim. NOT. :-)

    We're glad you got lots of treats for Halloween!

  16. How good boys you are at the time of nail trimming! Here is a kind of UFC MMA...

  17. That's how the hubby trims our kitties nails...tummy up! They do NOT get a treat afterward! He's been doing it since they were babies, and only once in awhile do we get a squawk because Angel wants to hang onto a claw or Chucky doesn't want anyone messing with his boo-boo toes.

  18. Looks like you get lots of treats. What great photos.

  19. I love to see your house... very funny!

  20. We love the expression on your face when the nail trimming started. You are such a good boy to just sit there. We would have been out of there. Have a purrfect Monday.

  21. doodz....we troo lee is lookin for werd ta november coz itz all bout dizzin burds over heer in TT !!

    we hope after all de cheeze pozez yur mom N dad GAVE ewe sum cheeze; its de leest they coulda done for havin a claw trimmin...ya noe !! ♥♥♥

  22. Funny cat story pictures give me a smile..

  23. Heh—I was waiting for that nail trim to turn into a wardrobe malfunction.

  24. Vocês ganham trata depois de cortar as unhas? Acho que vamos ter uma conversa muito séria com a Adri.
    Aproveitem a diversão, amigos!

  25. To tussle, or not to tussle? TUSSLE of course!! We agree, guys. Great photos. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

  26. Hi Tamago,
    your boys are supercute. Its amazing that Goro let you trim his nails with that instrument. I am sure, after a trial with my cats I would really look like Halloween!
    Best greetings, Johanna

  27. We'd totally choose tussle, over here, too! Hee! Way to make the human work for the photo shoot, Goro!

  28. We'd totally choose tussle, over here, too! Hee! Way to make the human work for the photo shoot, Goro!

  29. You two just make mom's heart smile and Goro...your FACE! What is that your dad is using?

  30. Gorgeous little babies....they always look so sleek and happy.

    Is that a nail trimming machine? Boo isn't a fan of getting his nails trimmed, but he is of the treatie afterwards.

    Thanks for being so patient with my lack of commenting, I'm having great difficulties getting to the computer lately.


  31. Looks like Goro and Niko had a wonderful time !
    Fun treats ... hmm, except for the nail trimming :-)
    The expression on Goro's face is just great !
    Have a nice evening,

  32. ✿彡
    Belas imagens desses fofos!!!
    Bom novembro cheio de coisas boas e alegres!!!

    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    ✿♫° ·.

  33. Happy treats-filled November, kitties :)

  34. Tamago San!
    You never send me about Goro & Niko San Please next time with your name as will.
    Goro san!
    You has lovely tummy with Otosan He has always treat nails for you.
    Have a nice day!

  35. Hope you kitties had a super wonder October! And wishing you a most terrific November! We peek in on you always as we must always know what you sweet kitties are up to. :)

    xo Catherine & Banjo

  36. Oh impatient for a treat eh? Your kitties are always entertaining. We've sent one if ours today at the vet, she's got weak heart, vet said.

  37. It's always fun to visit Goro and Niko's house. In the last picture, Niko can has cheezeburger?

  38. We had a quiet Halloween too!
    Purrs you two
    Timmy and Family