Sunday, September 13, 2015


Snack for Goro & Niko

Here you go, Goro. Enjoy!

No, nothing special. I just
love you, and you are so handsome.

...and you are going to the Vet.

It's just a regular checkup, Goro.
I had to have one last month as well.

No...I wasn't rolled in a towel like burrito because
I didn't threaten people in the exam room.

Oh, Niko.
You are going to the Vet, too.

We all went to the Vet this week.

Goro for annual checkup
Niko for dental & heart murmur check

It's OK, kids. You'll be fine.

Some "burrito making" happened but
the checkup went fairly well.

Kids having special snack after Vet visit

I'm happy to report that both Goro & Niko
 got good results. Hopefully we don't
have to go back until next regular checkup!


  1. Oh you kitties are so lucky having a mommy that takes such good care of you and makes sure you are nice and healthy. And special snacks? All the better. When Banjo goes to the vet he doesn't get the burrito blanket. He gets the 'nighty night kitty' needle because he is so naughty at the vets. LOL! Glad everything went well!
    xo Catherine

  2. We're glad you both checked out good, Niko and Goro. Y'know what? Wally has to go to the vet every time I go whether he needs to or not. That's because he's mean to me when I come home from the vet. ~Ernie

  3. Thank goodness Goro and Niko's vet visits went well. Moosey, Gracie and Zoe say the best part about going to the vet is when it's time to go home! :)

    Hugs to you all, dear friends!

  4. This made me LOL .. Someone looks just like my little Minette .. :)

  5. Yeah, Goro and Niko, we, I mean human and no human animals have to to to our doctors...I don't like it, too, but...*sigh* we need it. Unfair is that I don't receive a special meal after :)

  6. There has been a lot of tricking of innocent felines this week!

  7. Hope they don't have to go for a long time to the vet..

  8. Healthy & Not end up with diet ! Bravo !!! Concatulation guys !!!!


  9. We're very glad the check ups went well and that you're both fine! We admit that we applaud any threatening you might do...though our biped says you both look like you're cowering, not threatening. :-D

  10. At least that is good news and you got a good treat out of the ordeal!

  11. That's great news that all is well. At least you got lots of yummy treats. :) Great photos. :)

  12. Poor kitties, being subjected to the presence of the Vile Fiend!

  13. Oh, the nice picture of them huddling for comfort! What a good mom you have boys, treats before and after the visit. I am so glad they are healthy and won't need to go back until next year!

  14. You were tricked! Tricked!! you need more treats to make up for it

  15. Well, after that "hell house", we are so glad you boys got good reports, that is a relief! It's a good thing you have more heart-shaped chicken treats to compensate for the vet trip too...those treats are so cute and we bet very yummy! Have a wonderful week, my boys!

  16. doodz....while we iz buzzed happee yur chex up wented sew well, we gotta tell ya.....we toll ya.....if BURD iz inn volved...itz NEVER gonna bee a good day ~~~~~~ heerz two mor grate chex up & we hope ya getted sum FISH when ya got home ♥♥♥

  17. So sorry, you boys had to go to the vet. That stinks. So glad that you both got good reports. We want you both to be nice and healthy and just look at how good your Mom is to you. Lots of good stuff before you went and afterwards too. What a good deal.

  18. YOU TOTALLY CRACK MY MOMMY UP! "By the way, you're going to the vet!" I'll have to they the egg yolk and minced chicken hearts too for Katie as she has been a LOT lately.

    They look so absolutely precious in their hiding mode!

  19. Hooray for good checkups! Sorry you had to go to the ebil v e t, though.

    We lub how you two cuddled together That's great brotherly support!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  20. we're glad you boys each had good check ups! we'll keep our paws crossed you are safe for another year. unfortunately though, this reminds our mom that some of us here need to go...

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie

  21. Dearest Tamago,
    You always manage to show us great expressions and this time Niko showed his best face of oh no!
    Don't they all HATE going to the vet and yes, being rolled like a burrito is no fun and they remember all the details.
    So glad all went well!

  22. É bom desconfiar quando a refeição é muito especial hehehe
    Fico contente que vocês estão com ótima saúde meus amores.

  23. Your Mama always makes our Mama smile and giggle! She thinks the image of both of you wrapped up like burritos at the vet's is very funny!

    Those little heart treats look so yummy! Your Mama is so kind and thoughtful. You boys are lucky to have her :) We are happy you are both healthy!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  24. Aww, going to the vet ... :-(
    So glad Goro and Niko are both fine ...
    and that heart shaped treat sure looks great !
    Have a nice week,

  25. Awww....a visit to the veterinarian is never fun. You are so beautiful, love your photos. :)

  26. Awww....a visit to the veterinarian is never fun. You are so beautiful, love your photos. :)

  27. It's very good to know that they are both well. Our cats get too stressed before going to the vet. One of them hides under the bed and we always have hard times taking her out.

  28. You two in the carrier facing away and your sweet heads twisted to see what was happening just tugged mommy's heart!

  29. It is certainly better not to have to go to the Vet very often. Well done to both of you for being so brave and we are pleased you both have good results.

  30. i always think it is more stressful on me than my dogs or horses on vet day. :) i fret so. glad both boys did well!

  31. OMC! They look terrified! Those poor boys!
    Thank you for attending my Blogoversary pawty and the nice words.

  32. I was cracking This was funny, well not for your poor babies. It just brings back strong memories of the Boo's latest Vet visit...where he howled the entire hour and half. From the time he went in his carrier [he thinks it's a cage] the drive, thank goodness it was short! The entire time in the Vet, yowling would be a better description. And the ride was distracting, and rather embarrasing, nope we are not killing our cat...he is just in disagreement with us.

    So your poor babies....but I am laughing here.


  33. That's good news and what a perfect treat. Love that you put both in the large carrier.

  34. That's good news and what a perfect treat. Love that you put both in the large carrier.

  35. Great news that the boys are healthy! That photo of Niko saying "what?" is hilarious and perfect. And the ones of the two of them cuddled together at the vet are super cute. Love those boys!

  36. Goro san & Niko San!
    About vet visit you are both healthy heart lucky to eat chicken baked with egg york.What is a good time.
    Have a nice sleeps!

  37. Oh, we're so happy that your results were good!

    However - hui, the way you got to the vet was major deviousness!!

  38. Oh My Goodness....
    Someone makes a very cute burrito !
    The Square Ones always hope for a walk but know when they get in the car it is never gud !
    Chicken treats all around !

    Thank You so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog.

    cheers, parsnip

  39. Glad to hear everyone are doing well. My dog love go to the vet.

  40. Dearest Tamago-san;
    What a wonderful news of your loving boys doing well with adorable pictures♪ And with great treat, you ARE such a sweet mom♡♡♡ Haha, I never knew they have to be rolled like burrito p:-)

    まだまだ、落ち着きませんが焦らずようすをみます;-) 今からお昼を作って、済ませたらブログのお仲間にコメントせねば(♡˘◡˘♡)  
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  41. The two of you together looking out of your carrier - so precious.

    Debby in Arizona USA

  42. Your cats make me smile! My late cat cried whole time to the animal clinic. Usually quiet but boy, she was so loud!

    Sooo, you speak Japanese?

  43. Niko, that expression of yours says it all: WHAT???