Sunday, September 27, 2015

Goro's 6th Anniversary

Goro's ice cream cone toys

He loves to carry them around.

So the toys travel throughout the house.

On stairs

Under the bed

Niko's favorite napping spot...

But they always, always come back to
one place: under the table in a living room
- and I know why.

Because that's the table his Dad
spends his time at a lot.

Goro is such a Daddy's boy :-)

Lately, his line of gift items expanded.

And the best gift of all...

On September 22, we celebrated
Goro's 6th Gotcha Day.

He has brought so much
laughter and happiness into our life. 
Goro is truly a precious gift for us!


  1. Awww! What a sweet boy he is. We too are always leaving our toys on the stairs, and it makes Mom smile.

  2. Goro, what a good boy you are! Happy Gotcha Day!

  3. precious! You are adorable! :)

  4. precious! You are adorable! :)

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Goro-chan! You are a special boy, and we are very happy that you have such a loving happy home with Mom and Dad. Hugs and headbonks to you all! :)

  6. awww, sweet! we love how Goro carries his toys about. maybe he thinks his dad needs to play more :) Happy Gotcha Day, Goro!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie

  7. We have some dog toys that look just like your ice cream toys.
    Love the way they are lined up under the table and of course the best gift of all.. . Goro
    Happy Gotcha day !

    Thank You again for all you kind words.
    cheers, parsnip

  8. Happy gotcha day, Goro! I bet you are trying to teach your male human how to hunt!

  9. Happy gotcha day! and funny al the icecreme toys...

  10. Happy Gotcha Day Goro San. I love that you do as I do and transport your toys to where your humans are so they can share. Isn't it wonderful to be so loved?

  11. Happy Gotcha Day Goro. What a super boy you are. Love the ice cream cones. :)

  12. Happy Gotcha Day, Goro! You must love your dad very much, look at all the gifts you bring him. :-)

    We're glad you had a good day!

  13. You are such a sweet one! Happy Gotcha Day Goro from all of us!!!

  14. Happy Gocha Day, Goro! You seem such a funny and generous guy! Bonk heads from my furry daughters here :-)

  15. Goro, you are such a sweet and handsome mancat! Happy Gotcha Day, although I'm thinking that your humans are equally happy about it too.

  16. dood !!! a veree happee gotcha day two ewe buddy....hope yur day wuz fun filled & ya getted MOR ice creem conez and sum perch pizza and sum cake AND sum pie !!! we hope ya haza nother 60 gotcha sell a brayshunz; & heerz two a yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

    { ~~~ waves two niko !! ♥♥♥ }

  17. Dearest Tamago,
    Late visiting but I had a busy week, going to Atlanta, preparing for the next Etiquette Class for 11 teenagers + dinner, starting at 3:00 PM on Saturday, dinner at 6:00 PM and parents picking them up by 7:00 PM. I was to tired by 9:30 PM after cleaning up dishes etc. and was in bed early. Yesterday we drank some green tea with the mother and daughter from the previous Etiquette class, with her dad, brothers and baby sister. We had a wonderful visit and I could hand them all the photos from their daughters's Class on a memory stick. They somehow could not manage the WeTransfer download... Glad we did this. Now all the desert is gone and we have an easy week.
    LOVE these photos from Goro, he is a Daddy boy and it shows! Such happiness to see on their faces. Wish more pets would experience such bliss.
    Sending you hugs for a great new week.

  18. Happy Gotcha Day Goro! Your Daddy is lucky to have a sweet boy like you :)

  19. Feliz dia Gotcha! Querido Goro você é um menino bonito e muito fofo, adorei ver você carregando seus brinquedos fazendo bagunça pela casa. hehehe

  20. Happy 6th Gotcha day Sweet Goro! You must love your Daddy very much with that extensive and adorable line-up of toys under the table! But of course he no doubt believes your are the best gift to be found under "his" table! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. Happy 6th !! Dear Goro ... love from Minette ( who looks just like you )

  22. Happy Gotcha Day Goro! Those ice cream cones must taste good!

  23. Happy Gotcha Day to my boy Goro! We love you lots Goro! We think it's adorable the way you bring your favorite toys to your Dad, that is so sweet! We wish you and Niko and your Mom and Dad a fabulous week!

  24. We have just one word: SWEET!

    Happy Gotcha Day, Goro!

  25. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Goro !
    Oh, those ice cream cones are too cute !:-)
    Big hugs to Goro and Niko ...
    Have a nice week,

  26. Oh sweet Goro! It was a very good day for everyone when you found your family. I have happy tears remembering the way Tommie would bring us his mouse toys during the night making funny little chirping noises to announce the delivery.

  27. So delightful, greetings to you.

  28. Oh Happy Gotcha day Goro. We are Soooooooooo glad you were gotcha by your Mom and Dad. Such a wonderful life you have there. Love how your toys travel around with you. Have a great day.

  29. Ha ha ha, they are all so cute! Their soft serve ice cream cone toys are kawaii too. Did you buy them in Japan? Goro (and other cats) is so lucky to have you.

  30. Dearest Tamago-san; Happy Happy belated 6th Gotcha Day to you two and Goro-chan♡♡♡ Oh My♪ How sweet to know his LOVE to Dad giving gift like that (♡˘◡˘♡) Wonderful and thoughtful gifts starting with his 'ice cream cone toys'. His very relaxed and comfortable look shows the happy life he hi leading; Surely he and Niko-chan must be the PRECIOUS gift for you two♬♬♬

    ps. 目の方はゴロゴロ感は軽減ですが、歪みは慣れるしかなさそうです(pcで経験談を読むと) Haha, keyboard が少し見づらいですが仕方ありません。 実家のお墓撤去、仏壇、家屋などのことを頼める方が見つかって(良心的) ほっ!
    今月は父の3回忌etc. 忙しい秋になりそう(^^;)  朝晩、随分涼しくなってきましたネ♪ でも、季節の変わり目でTamago-san達もboysも体調を崩されませんように(私もp:-)

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  31. Hi Tamago San!
    Happy 6th Gotcha day Lovely Goro san your had beauts for Yum Ice cream cone toys,I thinking your Mum these photos from Goro San the table his Dad those are gift for Daddy Goro is Daddy boy his gift iteam expended!
    Have a nice day!

  32. Goro..Dude, sorry I'm a bit late..tee..heh
    Happy Belated Gotcha Day !
    and many more to come.
    Not only your parents laugh, ME TOO !!!
    You are one of the cool dude

  33. Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Goro! We know your mom and dad love you very much! And that is very sweet of you to bring your dad gifts of ice cream and toys. Our mom LOVES ice cream, so maybe we should think about getting some of those for her too... ;)

  34. Oh many congrats to all of you for connecting in such a special way....

    makes me wish that I was a cat when I read your posts...I know it certainly makes the Boo jealous...spoiled as he is.


  35. Goro! We bet your dad LOVES your gifts so very much!!!

  36. Happy GotCha day Goro! You sure are a great and fun Man Cat. So glad you are loved in your forever home my dear furend
    Love from all
    Timmy and Family

  37. Happy belated Birthday Goro! I wish i am your sister! :-)

  38. Happy belated gotcha day dear handsome green-eyed Goro!!!