Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dental Care

When we adopted Goro in 2009, we started
dental care by tooth brushing and dental chew.

It worked for Goro. So when we adopted Niko
in 2010, we started the same dental care for him.

Sadly, Niko quickly developed gingivitis.
He had the 1st dental cleaning at early age 1.

Since then, we tried many popular dental care
products. None really worked for Niko :-(

That is #1 reason why
we started kids on a raw diet.

Along with new supports.


First, neither Goro nor Niko showed
interest in raw chicken neck.

But kids LOVED it in freeze-dried raw form.

In fact, they got quite excited. are a bit scary.

Niko, wait! Eat on the plate!

Gradually, they got used to it...

Got good table manner, too :-)

* Always supervise when kitties eat bone!

So far, this dental care regimen has worked best
for Niko, though he may still need dental cleaning
in the near future (maybe next year.) We do
our best to keep his teeth as healthy as possible.

By the way, I got chicken feet recently. Thought
they might clean teeth and kids enjoy chewing.

It was NOT well-received...


Note! I don't mean this is the best care. Every kitty is
different. Information on dental care items here is
based only on my amateur web research and choices
are made to suit Niko's condition after trial & error.


  1. The things we do to take best care of our sweeties ! :-)
    I give our Moesj 'Whiskas Dentabits', they're chewy and have a rough texture that gives teeth a good scrubbing ...
    Have a nice week,

  2. You are a very good kittyMom! Tommie has gum issues also and we have a nasty rinse to squirt in his mouth and oravet jel to rub on his gums. He'd probably rather have the chicken feet.

  3. We are very impressed that you two cooperate so well with your dental care regimen. Niko, we are very sorry you are "dentally challenged", though. We are a little jealous, because it looks like your mom is collecting parts for a build-your-own-chicken kit...necks, feets, etc.

  4. We seriously don't pay enough attention to our dental needs here. We must do better!

  5. Where do you get the freeze-dried chicken necks? My crew would LOVE those! Your two are very lucky and loved boys. katniplounge AT gmail DOT com

    xx trish

  6. I admit to never brushing the cats teeth. For our late Baggy, he never had any issues but around age 14 Nin did. It really shows there is genetic differences.

  7. We've tried a zillion things to work on Angel and Chuck's teefs, but in the end...nothing. Angel develops tartar much faster than Chuck, even though they are twins! I like the chicken neck idea; wonder if I can get the hubby on board...he thinks any kind of meat that's raw is from the Devil!

  8. Daughter is very good about brushing her dogs and cat's teeth. I am not.
    Getting all the shots, pills and eye drops I have to give thehamish twice a day I am not sure the brushing would work. When Watson almost died of Valley Fever 5 years ago and all the pills I had to give him plus IV's he would not eat so I sat on the floor and hand fed him mashed up bits. He is very suspicious of treats that smell of pills.

    How did you train your gud kitties to stay and eat their treats on a plate ?

    I just a great post today.
    cheers, parsnip

  9. That's really interesting. We think every kitty is different...some are more susceptible to dental issues than others. We admit, we don't pay enough attention to our teefs, though the mom did try brushing...we didn't like that.

  10. Wow, what a great dental regime, it is awesome that it works for Goro and we are so glad that the raw diet is helping Niko now too, that is wonderful. Psst...boys you can still make a magic potion with the feets just in time for Halloween...

  11. What a good reminder about the importance of dental care! You are a very good Mommy to Goro and Niko, Tamago-san!

  12. There really is no one-size fits all dental regimen for kitties! Sparkle never needed a dental cleaning; Boodie's teeth tend toward gingivitis (although an all-canned diet has helped it develop more slowly), and Binga has had some minor dental problems but only needed teeth cleaned once or twice in 14 years.

  13. Wow; you ARE one of the best MOM, Tamago-san♡♡♡ "dental regime" must be the key for your boys health; oh 'raw diet’♪♪♪ Dental chew seems helpful product as well. I smiled to see the imported toothbrush from Japan(^_^)v And LOVED to their pictures of younger days.

    Tamago-san; To tell the truth, we both have toothache right now and need to dental hospital(^^;)

    外出には気持ちの良い季節になりました。体調に気をつけながらbest seasonを楽しみましょうね:-)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  14. I hope all this works. Our cats would NEVER let us brush their teeth! I think the fur would be flying!

  15. They have such good table manners, good boys. Sounds like it works for them. Have a great day boys.

  16. Eat & Clean the teeth in da same time, I love love this post ! Anything to do with non- chemical , me and mom love it ! Same question as Katnip " where do your mom get the freeze-dried chicken necks ? "

  17. I also put my cat on a raw diet for a while. He loved it, except if I put too many supplements in it.

  18. Those are all such great ideas for keeping the teeth in good shape. As you know I have many cats so it is hard to take care of all their teeth. 3 or 4 of them have had to have a bunch of teeth pulled so it is important to take care of those toothies.

  19. Oh, great ideas!
    Nelson has the same problem and we need to take care with her teeth.

  20. Yup, every cat is different (ECID) but they were all designed to eat bones.. it is not surprising in the least that they are what are helping the most to keep things clean.

    I hear feet make a really good gelling broth, which is very good, and healing, and soothing for the digestive tract..

  21. Raw is best. Cats in the wild don't have as much dental issues. I feed a mix of raw and wet and use an oral rinse. Thanks for sharing about the freeze dried chicken necks!

  22. doodz...iz thiz yur howl o ween post a wee bit earl must bee ...burd neck, burd skinz, burd toez...

    dee uz....


  23. Dearest Tamago,
    Great post and you are very lucky for having them started off young; the only chance!
    We had my sister & significant other stay with us and I also had to drive them to Gettysburg, Newark and all the way to the Niagara Falls; needless to say that our 5 little kittens got neglected... I still ache about it and also their almost human like good table manners were out of the window by his 'other' training of our kids.
    They are my babies but my family does not have much affection; so I don't share with them much.
    Yesterday when the lab results from the cultures of my finger came back, what they took out on Friday during surgery, they did show NO growth!
    Made me feel a very proud cat mom!
    No, my autoimmune disease did flare up again and caused the fever and swelling, like it caused me to be paralyzed in January 2010.
    Got Los of antibiotics & fluids via IV and wait now for the surgeon to see me after he's through with his surgeries, for discharge this evening.
    Missed my kids for 5 nights already!
    Great reactios you got but we are all like-minded.
    Sending you hugs,

  24. Ive considred a raw diet but with 8 pets its just so hard it does wonders for the teeth though

    retro rover

  25. A primeira gata também teve problemas com gengivite, infelizmente ela perdeu muitos dentes durante a primeira limpeza. Espero que Nico tenha um bom resultado, vocês estão fazendo um trabalho duro.

  26. Many things to care, huh? Here, Mel is the only one that need a special attention to her teeth.

  27. Many things to care, huh? Here, Mel is the only one that need a special attention to her teeth.

  28. Ewwww! Those necks and feet look … not good. Getting a teeth cleaning is even worse. I keep my teeth clean by biting the humans.

  29. Oooh, we learned something! We would LOVE for our gingivitis kitty (Maxwell) to eat raw, but he flat-out REFUSES. Grrrrr.... But we have him on L-Lysine to promote healthy immune system, EFAC to reduce gum swelling and Biotene Oral Gel to fight plaque & tartar.
    We'll have to look into fragaria vesca - and WHY didn't we think of Coconut Oil? OF COURSE!!!!

  30. We're going to have to work on trying some of that for one of ours, we think, who also showed dental issues at age 1. Thanks for the tips!

  31. We are glad you found help for sweet Niko's dental issues. Those chicken feet made us think of Mumsy's grandpa, he loved chicken feet. Hugs and nose kisses

  32. Wow, you've done so much for your kitties' dental care. Very cool. I should start doing the same… they are all young (all under 3 years), but better to catch dental issues early!
    I also feed a raw diet to my cats, but I've never let them eat bones. I've read that it is very good for their teeth, but I've always been nervous about it. It makes me feel better to see success stories like Goro and Niko. Perhaps I will give it a try soon!
    Thanks for all the tips :)

  33. you're good to be so vigilant with it!

  34. I think it's awesome that you are keeping up with their dental health well. My last kitty had stomatitis, as do so many cats out there... We did not feed her raw food, although I think she got plenty of it. It seemed like she ate a whole rabbit on almost a daily basis.

  35. I also admit to not brushing the cats' teeth. That's not something Nicki ever would allow me to do, though I used to rub a bit of kitty toothpaste on Derry's gums with my finger. I got out of the habit, though, because I'm terribly inconsistent.

    So I think you're doing an awesome job, taking such good care of them. But eewwwwww, I would so pass on those chicken feet and I know the boys would too. LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by; purrs and peace from my two. :-)

  36. I am an animal lover, and am especially fond of cats. I think your cats are lucky to have you, you are very caring and responsible. Love the photos. :)

  37. Hello Goro & Niko!

    Thank you so much for coming by our blog!

    You two are adorable and being looked after very well! We have some dental issues. Our mom might try raw diet.

    Momo & Pinot xo

  38. Boys, when mom and I come here, we ALWAYS start smiling and we ALWAYS go away feeling extra good and sweet in ourselves because you and your parents are that as well.

  39. O... chicken feet, daughter hubby love them crazy, must have when we go Dim Sum. Great post. Thank you for your comment other day Tamago. Mei