Monday, October 13, 2014

Lovely Autumn

I have to say, I am a person who is
very sweet, attractive, and irresistible.

...For mosquitoes!

I literally bathe in mosquito repellent and they
still come to feast on me. Good thing is that I
get to divert their attention from Goro & Niko.

So it's a relief summer ended. I can enjoy snack
on deck without mosquitoes diving into my tea.

Above: my favorite cookies! They remind me of
our wonderful friends, thehamish & Watson
from Two Little Square Black Dogs :-) In the
last post, I mentioned deers in Nara Park - they
have very fun post about those deers here!

Cookie for me, chicken for Goro

After snack, pole dancing.
Happy Goro always cheers me up!

Niko loves window whiffs.
Gentle breeze, happy bliss :-)

Happy Autumn!


  1. I haven't had one mosquito bite all summer. And now that autumn has started, I'm covered with bites :(

  2. The window whiffs are such pretty pictures! Our cats dance, too! They lay on their backs and grab a chair leg! Do Goro and Niko get bit? And how would you know with all the fur? I guess the mosquitoes also get on the food, not good!

  3. Poor you, enjoy the mosquito free days. Goro what a dancer. Hope Niko enjoys the oudoor smells. :)

  4. Oh My Goodness... I just blogged about Autumn today too !
    I just love your screened in porch.
    If I had kitties I would have one too.
    Happiness when I saw the cookies. They are so good.
    We are very careful when eating them around the Square Ones. Biting off their pretty and tasty little heads are too zombie like for The Square Ones.
    I love Goro's little dance.

    And yes the air smells so good !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Oh, those annoying mosquitoes ... my husband and I were at a lake in July to take some photos of a sunset ... afterwards I had about 20 bites ! :-(
    So nice to see Goro and Niko are enjoying autumn ... and what a great dancer Goro is !
    Happy Autumn to you too,

  6. Mosquitoes seem to be a big problem no matter where you live. M said she's tired of wearing bug control perfume! Goro you sure look like you are having fun. Niko, you are doing what I probably would do - sit still and sniff the air. It's a great way to spend an afternoon.

  7. It is starting to feel like autumn here too! We do not get many mosquitos, which is a good thing because out there they carry West Nile Virus.

  8. doods !! happee autumn iz long bugs, hello fresh smells, happee colors on treez, & SEW LONG BURDS AZ YA FLY SOUTH FOR DE WINTER N DUE KNOT HURREE BAK !!

    & goro...dood....seer ee iz lee...
    chickn ??

  9. What was in those cookies Goro ate? MOL! Pop always attacts mosquitoes too! TW gets welts when they bite her. I wish I could smell Autumn but Pop says I wouldn’t want to smell the Autumn who used to live here.

  10. Great vantage point for the kitties. My parents lived for a number of years in our cottage country area, where mosquitoes could be a problem in the summers. The cats would be annoyed by them to no end, but didn't realize that dragonflies ate mosquitoes pretty much exclusively. They'd see dragonflies and try to catch them to no avail, not knowing that the dragonflies were doing them favours.

  11. Have you tried putting a dryer sheet in your shoes/clothes? They HATE the smell and leave you alone. Works for me.

  12. we hav elots of mosquittos here I just hate them nothing I do keeps them away

    retro rover

  13. We love autumn too...though it's been cool lately and we haven't had the windows opened much. But there was lots of sun all weekend. And hardly any bugs. :)

  14. Cool catio! We are having a very short warm spell, and those pesky mosquitos are out! I don't like the cold weather but it's tolerable because there are no mosquitos!

  15. Cool catio! We are having a very short warm spell, and those pesky mosquitos are out! I don't like the cold weather but it's tolerable because there are no mosquitos!

  16. As I was walking through the woods today I thought how nice it was that the bugs were gone. However no bugs means snow is coming.

  17. I do not miss mosquitoes at ALL! Not wet enough here in Las Vegas, thank goodness...cos they love me as much as you, I think.

    The boys are so adorable--the Horde here gets all crazypants in the cooler weather.

  18. When I was younger I was a mosquito attractant. Now older, they got tired of my not so fresh blood

  19. Maybe the mosquitoes like Japanese food, because they are very attracted to me, too! LOL!

    So nice that you and Niko and Goro can hang out on the deck together now that it is Autumn. :)

  20. I love pole dancing! :)

    (and I also really like those cookies, I get them from time to time)

    I wanted to let you know you won one of my auctions but I haven't found a good way to contact you. Can you email me? Thanks!


  21. Dearest Tamago,
    Too bad that you do attract mosquitoes like a magnet! It will change in the fall and become more pleasant.
    Goro is so fun and Niko more quiet and dreamy! Ours are also all totally different but we love them all.
    Sending you hugs,

  22. Happy Autumn to you all, glad the mosquitoes are gone! Love the photos of Niko getting his whiffies and Goro, we think your pole dancing is a hoot! Have a wonderful week, dear friends!

  23. Oh, you are like us,Tamago-san :-) Mosquito repellent
    is inevitable item for both of us during the summer. How sweet to see your boys happy faces with their favorite places♪
    Smiled that you said 'Niko loves window whiffs'and I can see how they cheer you up through lovely pictures♡♡♡
    I really LOVED the purplish color of them in the second picture♬♬♬

    Have a wonderful Autumn week,Tamago-san♫
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  24. OH what a lovely place you have for the cats!and yeh- cookies who want them not ... Greetings,Joan

  25. Allie agrees, Goro - pole dancing is pawesome!

    That last photo = true bliss! :-)

  26. Way to go goro, you sure are having fun!

  27. Gostaria de me juntar a vocês e dançar um pouco com Goro hehehe

  28. Happy Autumn to you all! We hate those ole mosquitoes and we are always glad to see them go. That is some real cool pole dancing sweet Goro. We agree sweet Niko that Autumn air smells good. Enjoy!! Hugs and nose kisses

  29. Mosquitoes are a huge problem. Lovely photos, sweet cats.

  30. Happy Fall! I love Goro's Autumn dance and Niko's window whiffs. There are always smiles on this blog.

  31. such cute and happy babies. :) sorry about the skeeters, though!

  32. Hi Goro san & Niko San!
    I like both of very good times but Goro San lovely dance always very happy time
    I was nice to thinking of the post from Nara parks Tamago San will be very happy foe you!
    I hope no more mosquitoes in your home.
    Have a good time!

  33. Nico and Goro in bliss. They really have the best live ever.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  34. Oh you precious dearly loved boys. You love your mama JUST as much as she loves you. I can tell.

    I like autumn too Goro san and Niko san. May I travel through in my tunnel and enjoy whiffies with you?

  35. It's so good to see everyone enjoying Autumn whiffies with noms :-)

  36. Our mom is irresistible to Mosquitos too! Unfortunately they haven't disappeared around our house yet... :( enjoy your autumn on that awesome porch!
    P.S. We apologize for being so late in visiting. We are very behind this week.

  37. Happy 5th Birthday Niko!
    Hugs to all,
    Mariette and the paw gang