Sunday, November 14, 2010

Early Christmas Present

I found a weird object in the kitchen.

It turned out  to be Goro
in an empty case of canned corns.

                                                *Corn is for humans

So we went shopping.

In the store, I found a nice piece of furniture.
Here is the picture on a box which it came in,
ready to be assembled.

It looks good....but...
Hmm.....should I get or not.......?

Ok, why not?

It was not easy to make up my mind.
But I'm glad I got this furniture for them.
I love seeing their smile.

This is an early Christmas present for them.


We are back home.
Goro and his Dad are in charge of
assembling the furniture.

Goro was working hard.

After about an hour.......

Wow! You guys!
It looks great!
Oh, I love this!!

Thank you, Goro! I'm so happy.

Niko, you are wonderful!

I have to find something special for you two!

. . . . . . . . . .

Wait, didn't "I" get that for you?

Oh, well. It's okay.
I just want to see their smile :-)


  1. That is an amazing cat tree, Merry Christmas to you!!!

  2. Excellent Christmas gift! Great pictures of putting it together. So you can take them into the pet store without them freaking out?

  3. MOL..First photo make my mom Crack Up Laughing !

    By the way, you guys are so lucky got " Early Christmas Present " I guess the rest you just have to ENJOY IT !!!

    Have a great day : )

  4. Mol! Pawsome castle! Goro, Niko, you are both so thoughtful to get that wonderful present for your mom :-). How fun that you boys get to go shopping too!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  5. We are in total amazement over the fact you two GO SHOPPING!!!! Wow.

    And your Cat Tree / Christmas present rocks! We have the same one and we LOVE it. Your Daddy is a took ours all afternoon to put our together!
    heh heh.

  6. Aren't you lucky both of you Goro chan & Niko chan had already had the Christmas presents.
    I like the photos of you both at shopping centre:-)
    it is nice to seen all family lived happily together:-)
    Hello to your Mum & Dad.

  7. We can't believe you go shopping - we write a list let our mum do ours for us as we're much too busy napping. We think your mum will find hours of enjoyment playing with her early Christmas present!

  8. Wow, what a fabulous Christmas present! And we were just so impressed that you both went out and into the store! Seriously, we'd freak. Okay, Nicki wouldn't, but he wouldn't be well behaved either. You guys are amazing!

  9. WOWIE, you got to go shopping!?!? We.., I think you picked out a great present.

  10. Oh my stars ~ what store were you in that kitties can go into and ride in carts??? That's hilarious ~ and adorable! What a fantastic castle mom bought and dad put together. Very lucky kitties to get such a wonderful early Christmas present. I am sure there will be lots of fun had!

    xo Catherine

  11. What an awesome prechristmas present! And you guys you showing! WOW! Wicked!

  12. I am amazed you guys are so well behaved that you could go shopping. I would be screaming the paint off the store's walls. And mom and anyone else in my path would look like they had been through a paper shredder. I am only well behaved at home, MOL.

    I LOVE you new castle, boys and your mom and dad gave you the nicest present ever! My mom likes to see me smile too and does a lot to try to make me happy. I am an older girl now so I probably might not climb as high but I wish I could visit and try your castle just once. Tel me how you like it again soon?

  13. Wow, that is an amazing and special castle, Goro and Niko! That's so cool that your mom took you shopping, and that you got top help pick out your present. :)

  14. What a awesome castle!! You guys are gonna have so much fun with it!!

  15. That's my boys! Looks like you had a great shopping excursion...Excellent choice of cat tree!

  16. Oh my Cod! That is most awesomest kitty tower EVER. I want one too! Hey, Human!!!! Come look at THIS!

  17. Your cat tree is AWESOME - happy early christmas to you all.

  18. Was it you guys who bid on auction item #5 (book) in Derry's auction? If so, tell your mum she can pay via PayPal on Derry's auction page and our mom will send the book off to her! Thanks so much!