Monday, November 22, 2010

Going Home

I took time off from work this week
to visit my family in Japan.


Goro, Niko, I have something to tell you.
Mom will be away for a week.
I am going to Japan to see my Mom and Dad.

Goro, really?
That is so sweet.

Goro, it is my suitcase.......

Anyway, are you sure?
It will be a 14-hour flight to go to Japan.

That is so cold.....


Niko...are you okay?

Oh, good. Thank you.
I will have a good trip, Niko.

And I will come back soon.

Niko, are you sure you are okay?


While I am in Japan, their Dad will take care of them.
He thinks I'm too worried.

Oh, I already miss them.

Goro, Niko, even without Mom, please be happy.
Make sure you eat well, play well, and sleep well.

I will come back soon!!


  1. What a sweet post! Good photos to match the narration. I hope you have a good trip. I know your furbabies will miss you.

  2. Aww, the week will pass quickly! We hope your mom has a good trip and a wonderful visit with her family!

    Get your dad to give you extra treats while your mom is away! :-)

  3. I am always a wreck when I have to leave the cats so I understand :-) I hope you have a lovely visit with your travels!

  4. I love the post because all of our mommy's always miss us terribly when they leave us for awhile and I know they think about us too!

    Me and Mommy say please be careful on your trip and enjoy the visit with your parents..and come back soon to tell us kitties what you did and where you went.

  5. We bet their Dad will spoil them terribly! We miss our Mommy when she goes away, too.

  6. My boys are just like that when I go away too, the suitcases are always well inspected.

  7. Too bad kitties couldn't go along on the trip ~ but that would be a long flight to spend in a suitcase! I hope mom has a safe trip and has a wonderful time with her parents. I am sure dad will take very good care of you both!

    Have fun!
    xo Catherine

  8. Oh dear, a week is almost forever! I wish your mom a happy trip!

  9. We wish your Mom a great trip! Now, listen closely my boys...when she gets back, you must try to get all the Num-Nums possible out of her, that's what I do with my Human and it works like a charm in that window of opportunity...

  10. Now you boys will have so much fun with your dad and the week will go so fast!

  11. We hope you have a wonderful time with your parents in Japan! Where do they live? I have cousins in Kobe, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi.

    Goro and Niko ... have fun with your dad!

  12. I was checking in to see if you Mom was home yet, hang in there you two!

  13. Never trust a Human who says she is "going away on a little trip"--I mean, you just never really know how long she'll stay away, or whether she will come back when they promise, or what. She will really need to be punished if & when she does return!

  14. We hope your mom comes home soon!! She will come home...really...she will!!

  15. Gorogoro & Nikoniko you both are very happy cats because you don't go to the cats kennel?
    she will be back in next week and you might get surprise treat from Japan to you both:-)
    Ps: Keep your dad happy while mum in japan.

  16. You are so pretty! Mommy and I love to see you come and visit so we can look at you again.

  17. You Two are good kids and one week is super quick !
    You might never notice it .

    and I hope your mommy have a safe trip to Japan. She is a good kid to visit her parents too.

  18. Hi Goro chan & Niko Chan I bet you both are very happy about your Mum is home:-)
    Lets your Mum have rest...She might need to couple days to recoverd from her trips?
    see you soon both,