Sunday, September 2, 2012


When Goro and Niko go out on the deck,
we have them wear harness.

That's because we are afraid they
might jump off the deck and hurt themselves.

However, they don't like wearing it.

So we decided to get an enclosure.

Goro immediately loved it.

I like it, too. It came with
many shelves for them to perch on.

Oops, I'm sorry.

As expected, Niko hesitated to come outside.

Come on, Niko.

It took many, many days before he came out,
but eventually he did.

I placed catnip plant so the enclosure will be
more fun. I'm planning to put more.

By the way, this is how it looked like before.
I was trying to grow catnip inside the house.

...Until I noticed this.

Yes, sir.

I hope Goro and Niko, and the catnip
will enjoy sunshine outside :-)


  1. Oh that is WONDERFUL!!! The nip and the enclosure...your Mom and Dad are to be commended for removing your weighty harnesses and giving you FREEDOM!!!
    Also, we think the odds are good of a birdie flying in, or even an ebil skwerrl, if you're lucky.

  2. Me and Charlie can see buds coming up from the deaded nip plant!! Yes we can!!! LOL!!

    Awww amazing Goro and beautiful Niko!! We love your enclosure!!! Now you can have proper Bird TV! Yay! Take care

  3. what a wonderful idea! So glad you guys are getting used to it and enjoying it.

  4. That enclosure is fantastic! And that nip--heaven for the them.

    Well, as skittish as my Derry is, I remember that I adopted him on December 21, 2007, and Boxing Day he went out into the back space. He hasn't wanted to stay in since, except when there's something scary outside. :-)

    Here's hoping your boys enjoy their fresh air time!


  5. OMC, that enclosure is AWESOME! I am envious!!!

  6. That looks great! We're sure they are going to love it!

    The Chans

  7. Dearest Tamago,

    WOW, that looks like cat-heaven! Sure, all plants need LIGHT in order to thrive and most homes don't get enough daylight inside.
    This is brilliant, they will love it. Did you put a roof on it, I mean is it closed and protected from rain? That way they could use it even when wet...
    We have one of ours, Sacha, she is always hiding under the car in the garage and runs outside last. WHY? Just different. Her favorite spot in the living room is behind the sofa... always kind of hiding. She loves to be cuddled though but it takes a lot of assurance to make her come. Once won over, she's all yours.
    Like human beings, they're all different! That is interesting and fun.
    Today I had a big win-win situation. Before a thunder storm with heave rains started, I went downstairs into the garage where all were hiding (they don't go out when bad weather comes), armed with a bag of cat-treats. I started brushing them. Several love it and automatically turn around for the other side or lifting their head up to make me brush their neck and ear area... They love that. But the eldest Barty always wants to swat me when I try doing this. Today however, due to the rain he couldn't run away and he was tricked with the treats. He LET me brush him. That's a big win as he's the hairiest of all, a kind of longer hair and fluffy.
    Let's see if we can repeat this.
    I found this special brush at Tuesday Morning one day, a kind of boars hair and they LOVE it.

    Hugs to you and hope this outside camping will improve their fur and skin too.


  8. That is sooooooo very exciting and you sure will have lots of deck fun now!

  9. Wow ! That's cool enclosure !!!
    Sure ! it's the happy place to be !
    Miss You

    PS : Thanks for coming to my birthday

  10. Wow, we LOVE your enclosure! We gotta get one of those...complete with nip plants!!

  11. Awesome Tamago san! Goro and Niko have no excuse to stay indoors now. har har har *evil laughs*

  12. What a glorious enclosure, we really want to build one for our kitties. We too have had the dead catnip plant problem and our cats don't like wheat grass, which we can keep alive. Oh well!

    urban hounds

  13. Dearest Tamago-san,
    I wondered what "enclosure" meant p;)
    Wow, they sure are able to have great time with sun-shine out there without harnesses♡♡♡ Niko is always kind of shy compared to Goro♪
    I checked the plant and found that "catnip; イヌハッカ(強いかおりの植物;猫がその葉を好む)" Yey, right thing for them. So sorry about it didn't get enough sun. Enjoyed the lovely enclosure for your kitties(*^_^*)

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  14. That is FANTASTIC! Niko is so like Ling. It has been weeks but she still refuses to enter the catio on her own. At least he finally went into his catio after just a few days. :)
    You'll LOVE it, boys! REALLY.

  15. I just LUV the kitteh enclosure concept! Safe playing outside. Yay! :D Now that your Mom's added the nip bush, y'all can paw-ty! ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  16. Lucky kitties! What a great enclosure. Enjoy the sun!

    Hailey and Zaphod on behalf our cats Bagheera and Cinder who can't go outside

  17. Whoa! What an awesome enclosure. I'll bet you will have many happy hours in your new enclosure. I wish I had one!

  18. Hi Tamago,
    thats a great enclosure for the cats. They will love it. And they are save there. Great idea.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  19. Wow, my boys that is very fantastic! Love your new enclosure! Congrats on that one, you have awesome pawrents!

  20. Wow, that is terrific. Your very own enclosure. Just think of the TV stations you can get out there. Wow. Glad you got out there Niko. Have a great day and a good week too.

  21. An enclosure! What a great idea for you guys! Besides you two and the catnip plant, can mom fit out there, too??

    Now, no worries and no harnesses!


  22. Wow, that is a great enclosure, Goro and Niko! We bet that catnip will grow well out there, and then your enclosure will be even better!

  23. Tamago san,
    Niko san & Goro san are all time happy with them and Niko san wating is next door dogs too....
    Tamago san mo tihen desune..
    Ganbatu-te kudasai ne..

  24. You boys are gonna have fun in you new enclosure.
    xoxo Kassey

  25. What a BEAUTIFUL enclosure...and it's ALL yours!!!
    Wow, you're never going to want to come in! ...well, that all depends on where the food and litter box are.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  26. That's a real lolapalooza of a Catio you got there, Boys! We think you are going to spend lots of happy times out there--and like the Lounge cats said--I think a nice fat birdie is BOUND to come on in there just for you!!!

  27. OMC how lovely! Now we want one too. With catnip. Pawsome :-)

  28. We want a cat nip plant of our very own - we won't share it with Mum!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  29. Oh BOYS! Your mommy and daddy are so good to you (of course!) (DUH!) What a fabulous catio and I wonder if there is room for ME to visit and have funs with you. I want to see all of the TV stations that come in. Ebil Squirrel, Tasty Birdie, Luscious Rodents, just ALL of them! I wish I had an enclosure like that--and a catnip plant too? Oh how nice!
    I saw that woofie looking at Goro san and I imagine Goro san said, no thank you. Mommy said she is glad you boys had to wear harnesses even though she laoghed out loud a LOT over your saying that it was too hevy and you couldn't move. Also, efurrybuddy knows that harnesses steal your bones so you are unable to move.

    You boys are just sooo handsome and now with the fresh air and sunshine you will be even more handsome and gleaming and happy. xxooxx

  30. Oh,wow!!! That is a very nice enclosure, you two are really going to enjoy that...and look at all that amazing nip. Have fun!! Hugs and nose kisses

  31. OH Goro and Niko ~ you are such lucky kitties having such a good place to play safely! And how fun that mom is putting plants out for you to nibble on! Have a good time kitties!
    xo Catherine

  32. You two are very lucky to have such an awesome enclosure where you can safely enjoy the outdoors. You have the best mom and dad EVER to get you such a nice gift!

  33. oh this reminds me of what kitcaboodles did for her cats...good for you, niki, goro! sure would like to see both if you flirt with the catnip....:))

  34. Goro and Niko's Mom: I would LUFF for you to come over and give me a kissie, please!!!

  35. That's a great catio! We want a catio, too, but there's something we don't understand called a "homeowner's association" that says no. Your catio looks like our tiny screened porch times ten, and we love to go out there and pretend we are wild cats. Enjoy the fresh air a little extra for us!

  36. That looks like a cool fort for you guys to hang out in!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  37. Hoa can't say anything. Our enclosure is free standing patio furniture just like our table, chairs, stools, and grill. Our hoa tried to tell me my solar lights were against policy, but when I stood up to them, they went from you must move them to please move them.

  38. The enclosure looks perfect! Hope Mr. Juicy and Miss Yummy can't get in. Is there a roof?

  39. I wish I can have a cat or a dog in the my flat, will be fun... I will go out more... with a dog love a little one! Did think of a cat but they scratch, just got scratched two weeks ago. :-( Love coming here reading your story with your cat, makes me smile! Hope you're keeping well Tamago! Mei